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Sustainability / Renewable

Through Green Building we are committed to building sustainable projects while maintaining practicality and productivity in development as well as wind and solar projects. Grenlar is well versed in LEED projects and excited to infuse sustainability and renewability into all our projects. Our preference is to be involved at the earliest stages so that opportunities may be identified and implemented throughout the entire project.

As standard practice we include LEED review of all projects during pre-construction as well as pass the appropriate sustainability requirements to the sub-contractor RFP’s. We are well versed in the design, development and implementation of IAQ Plans, Construction Waste Management Plans, and training of field staff on environmental requirements.


Our regulatory compliance and environmental experts have comprehensive, practical working knowledge of all major Federal environmental regulations, including RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, TSCA, CAA, and CWA as well as state and local regulations and requirements nationwide. We prepare environmental permits for submittal to regulatory agencies, collect and analyze soil, water, air and biota samples, perform environmental baseline surveys, prepare environmental impact statements, and risk assessments/analysis.

  • Environmental consulting

  • Environmental assessments

  • Environmental compliance and permitting

  • Sampling and analysis of environmental media

  • Feasibility and treatability studies

  • Operations and maintenance of remediation systems

  • Rapid response to environmental situations

  • Long-term monitoring

  • Munitions/explosives investigations and cleanup

“Grenlar is passionate about the natural environment, on the cutting edge of sustainability/renewable resources, and a strong advocate that responsible development does not compromise the future. It is paramount and ingrained into our company culture that we must adapt and/or better the existing conditions throughout all of our projects.”

-Gary Alpine

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