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Facilities Maintenance Services

Grenlar provides facilities management services to both private and public sectors. We are a full service partner to your facility management team. We speak the language, understand the challenges, and work with you to develop a practical solution that can offer the highest degree of integration in the industry.

Today’s facilities are becoming increasingly sophisticated utilizing the latest technologies for heating, cooling, lighting, computing infrastructure and security. The turnover of data and documents from construction to operations has become more critical for operation teams, and facility management software and databases are changing rapidly. The Grenlar Facilities Management Services team can assist in optimizing facility management systems and processes for new and existing facilities. By identifying your functional, administrative, and computational requirements we provide the best facility management solutions.

We offer a full suite of tailored software solutions depending on your unique facility requirements. By focusing on what is important to you and using our life cycle approach, you can save 10-20 percent on operational costs.

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